KHB Logistic provides a full range of logistics and transportation services for the entire automotive industry. The international transportation of tractors and spare parts, automobiles, and expensive components will go smoothly if entrusted to our team of experienced dispatchers. The growing market for automobiles and specialized vehicles has been growing growing over the past several years and is the main driver behind the transportation of cars into foreign markets. Automotive imports and exports are therefore growing, and the rising mobility of people and tourism also leads to greater demand for logistics services related to automobiles. KHB Logistic helps Clients benefit from all possible means of automotive transport available on the market. The company ensures the fast and smooth transportation of automobiles, specialized vehicles, and spare parts. Services are all reasonably priced. For over 20 years our specialists have been developing optimal routes for the international transportation of automobiles across all European and Asian countries, including the Baltic states, the Balkans, the CIS and Central Asia. Dispatchers at KHB Logistic carefully analyze Clients’ individual needs and ensure timely shipping performance for a favorable price. Thanks to long-standing global Partnerships with leading transportation companies, we are able to guarantee the highest quality of services and Client satisfaction.


KHB Logistic employees are highly qualified and have many years of experience in the field of cargo transportation in general and in the safe transportation of cars and other motor vehicles in particular. Experience and qualifications help us take an individual approach to each order that is appropriate to the specifics of the cargo involved and the wishes of the Client. Cooperation with reliable transport service providers allows us to develop and select optimal delivery routes, clearly coordinate all stages of delivery, and transport any cargo in a timely manner. The suite of services KHB Logistic provides for the transportation of cars includes:

  • Organization and provision of the transportation of cars by different modes of transport.
  • Organization of individual steps to ensure cargo safety during the loading process. To determine the necessary safety measures, specialists take into account the requirements and wishes of the customer, the properties of the cargo, the distance to destination, and road conditions.
  • Warehousing services and the organization of other Partners involved.
  • 24/7 cargo safety monitoring during all steps of transportation, as well as loading and unloading operations.
  • Comprehensive customs support.
  • Consulting on transport, logistics and customs procedures. Security screening. Our security service division checks the availability of necessary licenses and registration of carriers and cooperates only with those having been legally providing transportation services for more than 120 working days.

KHB Logistic is a reliable, modern provider of logistics services for manufacturers of cars and other vehicles and spare parts. We serve both wholesalers and retailers. Building on deep experience and streamlined processes, KHB Logistic established a dedicated Automotive Logistics division in 2012 to offer efficient logistics solutions to producers of cars, tires, and spare parts. Our experience, high quality of service, and adherence to maximum transport safety standards are confirmed in numerous customer recommendations.


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