The KHB Logistic Group provides a full range of transportation and logistics services for the transportation of construction materials and renovation equipment, including transportation of construction equipment and finishing materials, furniture, lighting equipment, and various decorative accessories.

Since logistics pricing directly affect the final costs of renovation and construction materials, manufacturers and traders are interested in optimizing their logistics schemes. KHB Logisticspecialists develop the most adequate routes and offer optimal logistics solutions taking into account the properties of particular cargo. The KHB Logistic Group organizes timely delivery regardless of destination. Thanks to close cooperation with reliable Partners, KHB Logistic offers a flexible pricing policy and provides Swiss-quality services.


The full range of KHB Logistic’s offerings supporting the delivery of building materials and renovation equipment involve the following goods and services:

  • Materials and products made of plastic building materials; Building mixtures of various compositions;
  • Paints and varnishes;
  • Roofing materials;
  • Prefabricated building materials;
  • Transportation of bulk construction materials;
  • Refractory construction materials;
  • Goods for decoration of premises from natural and artificial sources;
  • Furniture; Sanitary ware;
  • Household goods;
  • International transportation of construction equipment;
  • International transportation of construction materials.

Every year, manufacturers of goods for the construction and renovation industry supply millions of tons of relevant products to the world market. As a transport and logistics services provider, KHB Logistic helps leading manufacturers and traders meet even their most challenging cargo traffic demands. KHB Logistic experts ensure the proper conditions for the transportation of construction materials and finishing materials while monitoring compliance with sanitary and technical standards. The KHB Logistic Group closely follows changes in the legal regulation of cargo transportation to provide safe and fast transportation of any goods whenever they are necessary.


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