KHB Logistic offers a full range of transport and logistics services related to organizing and executing the international transportation of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), including household chemicals, personal hygiene items, and other non-durable products.

Not long ago, the FMCG market was experiencing the negative effects of the economic crisis. However, by 2017 the amount of sales in this sector have shown growth. This recovery is thanks to everyday consumer demand for the aforementioned products and also their affordable price and wide selection. The FMCG market is characterized by stable demand, high competition, and ongoing development associated with the emergence of new brands and products on the market. Such a vast industry requires the implementation of an effective, clockwork-like system of logistics capable of managing growing amounts of supply.

KHB Logistic supports best-in-class international FMCG supply chains. Our experienced specialists organize freight transportation via all means of transport and combined schemes all around Europe, the CIS, Baltic states, and South Eastern and Central Asia. KHB Logistic specialists take into consideration the specific needs of every Client and characteristics of their cargo, develop optimal transportation routes, and calculate the price of transporting FMCG goods. Our company can ship cargo of any kind according to agreed terms regardless of the order’s destination and complexity. Thanks to fruitful cooperation with the most reliable transport Partners, we are able to apply a flexible pricing policy and maintain consistently high service quality levels.


Conditions for the local and international transportation of light industry goods differ according to the type of cargo. KHB Logistic carries out transportation of the following types of FMCG goods:

  • Household chemicals (including a wide variety of products for fabric maintenance, disinfectants, etc.);
  • Products for personal hygiene (including products for women’s comfort and the comfort of the disabled);
  • Babycare products.

Usually, FMCG goods are characterised as “unpretentious” cargo which does not require specific storage conditions in terms of humidity or temperature. After long-term exposure to excessively high or low temperatures, however, some FMCG products – mainly household chemical and personal hygiene products – tend to lose their specific qualities and become unsuitable for further use. Reliable protection of cargo quality is ensured appropriate factory packaging, boxes, containers, etc.

Most often the complexity of the transportation of FMCG products lies in their vast diversity. Often, one cargo vehicle is to carry a variety of FMCG items that significantly differ in characteristics. Therefore, the transportation of such cargo requires a specially adapted vehicle suitable for the delivery of various products ranging from cleaning supplies like bleaches to baby care products.

At the same time, the diversity of FMCG cargo can complicate customs procedures. To ship FMCG products one must have not only invoices and financial documents but also certificates. Certification and marking are compulsory for the transportation of some FMCG cargo.

KHB Logistic specialists are always abreast of changes in national and international legislation as well as technical and sanitary regulations related to transportation. They rely on their personal experience and long-term involvement in the transportation of FMCG products. As a result, our company is able to provide fast and safe transportation suited to the characteristics of particular cargo.


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