We are a reliable, long-standing Partner for our customers in the wood processing and pulp-paper industry. To ensure high quality services and to meet the individual needs of our customers, we formed KHB Logistic. Our experienced staff specialize in the international transportation of wood & paper products, raw materials for associated production processes, as well as technological and woodworking equipment for constructing new plants or upgrading existing ones. Shipments are arranged using road, rail, sea and air transport, as well as multimodal logistics solutions. When transporting heavy or bulky goods, our professional employees design bespoke logistics schemes with customized rolling stock, specialized handling equipment, and full documentation support provided.


Transportation of paper rolls by road, as well as the road transportation of wood, is a versatile and economical way to deliver such relatively light cargo. The execution of road transport does not depend on the timetables of ports, railway stations, or airports, and transportation therefore takes minimal time and is carried out almost around the clock. The advantages of road transport are extensive and include: the possibility of full truck loading, compliance with special temperature conditions, delivery of oversized and heavy cargo, and consolidation of cargoes in KHB Logistic Partners’ warehouses in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

Transportation of paper rolls by sea, as well as the sea transportation of wood, is a profitable, fast and efficient solution for long-distance delivery. The containers used for shipping provide an additional security guarantee for transported goods. Advantages of sea container transportation include: the possibility of complete or partial container loading, large-scale transportation of bulk cargo, comprehensive cargo services in ports, and simplified customs procedures.

Transportation of paper rolls by rail, as well as the rail transportation of wood, is also a long-distance transportation solution in high demand. Advantages of rail transportation include: high speed of delivery, the possibility of transshipment of any cargo, and the possibility of using special wagons, platforms, and containers. KHB Logistic offers transportation of wood and pulp and paper products by rail from Europe, the CIS, and Asia, from China, and from the USA to China. As the trains leave and arrive in strict accordance with a schedule, our customers pre-order transportation and receive the goods at the agreed time.

Transportation of paper rolls and wood by air is an expensive but fast international delivery option. Cargo aircraft have high load capacities which helps optimize costs when transporting goods over long distances. The advantages of the air transportation of pulp and paper products include: the possibility of delivery from all international airports, the possibility to transport oversized cargo, the use of charter flights, full cargo service at airports, and possibility of delivering goods to the consignee’s warehouse.

KHB Logistic specialists’ skill set include attracting reliable transport Partners, selecting suitable transport for the transportation of waste paper products and wood, and taking into account the characteristics of particular cargo. If necessary, our employees structure combined schemes using air, road, sea, and rail transport.


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