Groupage cargo transport management has been one of KHB Logistic core service offerings for 15 years. We serve Clients of all sizes, from individual traders to multinational manufacturers and importers. Groupage cargo is defined as cargo of any volume that is shipped together with the cargoes of other Clients before being delivered to end recipients as a part of the groupage lot. Unless it is particularly dangerous or perishable, practically any kind of cargo can be shipped with this delivery method. Groupage cargo involves the consolidation of several small shipments from different consignors on one vehicle bound for the same destination. This method of delivery minimizes transport costs by using vehicle space efficiently and ensures the safety of carried goods. KHB Logistic helps its Clients enjoy all advantages of international groupage cargo. Our employees analyze Client needs and cargo characteristics, optimize shipping routes, and estimate costs. KHB Logistic delivers all goods in strict conformity with agreed timeframes terms regardless of shipment geography. Thanks to close cooperation with reliable carriers and other Partners, we offer a flexible pricing policy and maintain a high level of service quality.


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